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In addition to the goal of accompanying businesses large and small around the world, bringing you the best e-commerce solutions. Bavaan Team also aims to build and develop an open environment. There, everyone can share and discuss new and useful knowledge around the world of e-commerce.

Therefore, Bavaan always welcomes all your wonderful knowledge and sharing about this e-commerce world. If you have a desire to become a contributor, or simply have a good idea and want to turn it into knowledge that is widely shared with everyone. 

Don’t hesitate! Please message us!

Why us?

Today, Ecommerce is an extremely attractive field and attracts everyone’s attention. And of course, when information about your company or individual appears on our blog, it will help you increase your brand awareness.

Therefore, even though it is a new website, with previous experiences, we believe that: Bavaan will be an ideal place for you to share and send your knowledge.

Above all, at Bavaan, we always appreciate your sharing!

What we write about:

We tend to focus on E-Commerce and All aspects around it like eCommerce trends, Latest technologies, Ecommerce Platforms, Mobile Apps solutions, etc.

Who is our audience?

Shop owners and e-commerce professionals are our primary target audience. However, they can also be employees, users, people interested in e-commerce.

Guide Notes:


Bavaan team always appreciates your creativity and contribution. It would be great if you could bring to our readers any of the related issues we mentioned earlier.


We will only accept posts with at least 1000 words. And most importantly, make sure your content is useful and valuable, not just for the sake of promoting a product.

The pictures, video and sound are all great. Your article should have at least 3 images (750×500 pixels) to represent the idea in the content. And it would be great if those images were original/copyright free images.

(Small note: Attach an image file so we can download it easily)

If your content is data-driven, cite the source!

Blog posts should be SEO friendly.


If you use Gif in your post, make sure it doesn’t exceed 2MB.

Author’s bio: This section is optional, if you want to show this section, please provide us with the full name of the writer and a short excerpt of no more than 70 words.

Internal and external links

References must be from reliable sources. The article should only have 2-3 links. We accept 1 No-follow link for your advertising purposes.

If you want to attach a do-follow link, the fee is $50/link.


Your content will not be accepted if the originality is less than 95% original based on

Editing process

Once the two agree on topics, Bavaan will set a deadline for the first draft. Both will check each other’s drafts and provide comments if needed.

After finalising the content, we will publish the blog posts on as planned.

Bavaan Team will also share articles on our social media channels and hope you do the same.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please send them to [email protected]

ecommerce write for us

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