Go Booze is an Australian company which specializes in the alcohol niche. They provide various alcohol beverage products including beer & cider, spirits, wines, bundles, premixed drinks, snacks & mixers. 

Established in 2022, with just over 1 year of operation, Go Booze is considered one of the most popular alcohol beverage brands in the domestic market. They are committed to the safety and wellbeing of customers and strictly abides with the responsible service of alcohol.



The “Go Booze” project embarked on a journey with a set of clear objectives and faced several unique challenges:

  • Custom Frontend Theme with UI Design: 

The primary goal was to create a bespoke frontend theme that not only resonated with the brand’s identity but also stood out in the competitive market. The challenge lay in balancing aesthetics with functionality to create an eye-catching design that would draw customers in while keeping navigation and usability at the forefront.

  • Shopify Store Setup and Configuration: 

Go Booze needed a robust e-commerce platform to streamline operations. Configuring and optimizing the Shopify store to its full potential while ensuring smooth backend processes was a critical challenge.

  • Beautiful UI/UX: 

The user interface and experience were paramount. The challenge was to design a website that not only looked beautiful but also offered a seamless, user-friendly experience. This involved creating intuitive navigation, ensuring quick load times, and optimizing for both desktop and mobile users.

  • “Buy Now, Pay Later” Functionality: 

To accommodate the varying financial preferences of customers, it was imperative to incorporate ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ functionality. This presented a challenge in integrating payment gateways and ensuring a secure and straightforward process for users.

  • Age Restriction: 

Given the nature of the products, there was a legal requirement to restrict sales to individuals aged 18 and above. Implementing this restriction while maintaining a frictionless shopping experience was a challenge.

  • Email Updates: 

To keep customers engaged and informed, the client wanted to send regular updates on their orders and new collections. The challenge lay in setting up a system that automated this process without being intrusive.


In overcoming these challenges, the project aimed to not only meet the client’s expectations but to exceed them, delivering a website that would be a catalyst for increased customer engagement and sales. The chosen technical stack, including Shopify Liquid and Node.js, played a pivotal role in addressing these challenges and achieving the outlined objectives.


In crafting the “Go Booze” website, a robust and versatile technical stack was employed to ensure that the project met its objectives. Each component of the stack played a vital role in the success of the endeavor.


1. Shopify Liquid:

  • Key Functionality: Shopify Liquid was the cornerstone of the project, offering the flexibility to customize and tailor the website to the client’s exact specifications. It allowed for the creation of a unique, branded theme and seamless ecommerce functionality.

  • Outcome: The use of Shopify Liquid paved the way for a highly responsive and adaptable storefront, setting the stage for a truly unique and engaging user experience.


2. Node.js:

  • Key Functionality: Node.js brought dynamic interactivity to the website, ensuring smooth user interactions and rapid content loading.

  • Outcome: The integration of Node.js significantly enhanced the user experience, facilitating quick and responsive page interactions.


3. Megamenu: Horizontal and Vertical Menu:

  • Key Functionality: The dual mega menu offered both horizontal and vertical navigation options, allowing customers to easily explore products, browse categories, and access essential site features.

  • Outcome: The Megamenu ensured that navigation was intuitive and convenient, making it easier for customers to find what they were looking for.


4. Sticky Add To Cart Bar:

  • Key Functionality: The Sticky Add To Cart Bar stayed with users as they scrolled, providing a one-click, quick-access option to add products to their cart.

  • Outcome: This feature streamlined the purchasing process, improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


5. FAQ Question List:

  • Key Functionality: Frequently Asked Questions were readily available, addressing customer queries, and reducing the need for customer support interaction.

  • Outcome: The FAQ Question List improved customer self-service and reduced bounce rates.


6. Scroll Down Loading Products:

  • Key Functionality: Infinite scroll functionality loaded more products as users scrolled, eliminating the need for multiple page loads.

  • Outcome: This approach created a seamless shopping experience, enabling customers to view a vast product catalog without interruptions.


7. Ajax Search and Autocomplete Search:

  • Key Functionality: Real-time search and autocomplete functionality helped users find products swiftly and efficiently.

  • Outcome: Customers could easily discover the products they desired, reducing the time spent searching.


8. Configuring After Pay Payment:

  • Key Functionality: The implementation of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment options catered to the financial preferences of the customer base.

  • Outcome: This addition increased sales and offered customers flexibility in their payment choices.


9. Theme Custom Sections:

  • Key Functionality: Custom sections allowed for the unique branding of the website, with tailored content and visuals.

  • Outcome: The website’s appearance was customized to align with Go Booze’s identity, ensuring a memorable, branded experience.

The chosen technical stack, with its wide array of functionalities, played a pivotal role in achieving the project’s objectives. It provided the foundation for a website that seamlessly combined aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendliness, culminating in a successful online storefront for Go Booze.


The successful implementation of the technical stack and achievement of project objectives in the “Go Booze” website revamp can be attributed to a carefully planned and executed solution. This section outlines the steps taken to address each of the project’s goals:


1. Custom Liquid Theme:

  • Approach: We harnessed the powerful capabilities of Shopify Liquid to design and implement a completely custom theme tailored to Go Booze’s unique branding and visual identity.

  • Outcome: The result was a visually stunning and highly functional website that made a strong and memorable first impression on visitors.


2. Slick Slider JS Integration:

  • Approach: We utilized Slick Slider JS to create dynamic and interactive product displays that not only showcased the diverse range of beverages but also engaged users with smooth transitions and intuitive navigation.

  • Outcome: The integration of Slick Slider JS brought life to the product catalog, ensuring a captivating and user-friendly shopping experience.


3. Custom Bootstrap CSS:

  • Approach: Custom Bootstrap CSS was employed to meticulously style and design the website, ensuring that the aesthetics aligned perfectly with Go Booze’s brand, while maintaining a responsive and mobile-friendly layout.

  • Outcome: The use of custom CSS resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly website that functioned seamlessly on various devices.


4. After Pay Configuration:

  • Approach: We configured the After Pay payment gateway to allow customers to choose ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ options, thereby increasing the flexibility of payment methods.

  • Outcome: This addition empowered customers with more financial freedom and contributed to a boost in sales.


5. Shipping Rate Configuration:

  • Approach: Shipping rates were meticulously configured to ensure that customers had transparent and cost-effective options, improving the overall shopping experience.

  • Outcome: Streamlined shipping rates facilitated smoother transactions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

The comprehensive solution implemented in the “Go Booze” project seamlessly integrated each component of the technical stack to achieve the project’s objectives. The result was a website that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, enhancing the brand’s online presence, customer experience, and sales potential. The use of Shopify Liquid and Node.js, in particular, were instrumental in bringing this solution to life.


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