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What are your Industries?

If you’ve never engaged in eCommerce industries, give it a try as you might be surprised by the amazing features it offers. With online business, you’ll have all the customer information about your business, marketing efforts, content details, traffic details order. All of these will help you create better content, products, and, in addition, a better experience for your customers. And these might be helpful to your business.

Who you are ?

No matter what industry you are in, there is no limit to how much your business may grow with eCommerce.

Online consulting is a trend, let’s go digital to reach more customers.

With Sporting eCommerce, customers can find everything they need for their favorite sports in one place.

Our carefully thought-out alternatives and solutions can help your website make it simple for customers to place orders from your store.

In today’s world, online shopping is essential. Ensure you are using the appropriate resources and solutions.

Do you think only clothes or household items can be sold online? eCommerce enables a wide range of other activities, such as art and design.

For folks who are too busy to go shopping, online shopping is the ideal solution.

You can sell anything without building premises or renting a store.

Automotive is big business. And with the rise of eCommerce, automotive sales are only increasing.

Any business will be very potential if you know how to take advantage of the great help of eCommerce platforms.

Why choose us ?

Market fads are what we track. We comprehend what you need.

Custom Permissions

A customer can manage purchases in their own workflow with the use of additional functionality. For instance, an employee could place a draft order, which their boss would then approve and pay for.

Better Online Revenue

With scalable solutions and simplified ordering processes, Bavaan's service keeps business streamlined and total cost of ownership down. Which keeps your bottom line booming.


Keep in mind to check sales globally as well as domestically. Customers from all around the world will be able to purchase your goods and services as a result. By providing currency conversion, you may facilitate this.

Smooth Checkout

With the newest payment options and address lookup features, checkout processes that are simple to use and elegant help customers avoid expensive blunders.

Increase Agility

All capabilities in one platform mean seamless upgrades and effortless iteration, for even the most sophisticated business models.

Account based ordering

When you approach an account as a market of one, you can more clearly concentrate on the demands of your customer, creating stronger bonds and improving retention.

Multiple Business Models - One Platform

Online shops, marketplaces, apps, click & collect, B2B, B2C, subscriptions and more. Define your needed business model and get ahead of emerging trends.

Lightning Fast Search

Our blazing-fast search options guarantee that your clients receive the most timely and precise answers to their inquiries.

Modern Payment Methods

All relevant third-party software is easily accessible all in one spot for smooth, scalable processes.

Exceptional time-to-value

Our key emphasis is meeting customer requirements fast while maintaining quality.

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Many of our clients have come to us and put their faith in us to successfully improve their businesses. They did it, so you can too.

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