MICPets (MICP) is a Chinese pet supplies established in 2014 by Yongkang Yan. They produce a wide range of pet products, including apparel, collars, leads, and harnesses, for dogs. Their products are exported to 41 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

MICPets is growing and is committed to providing pet owners with the best possible products and services. They have a strong focus on innovation and are constantly developing new products and technologies to improve the quality of life of pets.



The project emphasized the development of a custom frontend theme aligned with the desired UI design, and setup and configuration of the Shopify store along with implementation of an effective email notification system for order updates and new collections. By leveraging the latest development technologies, we helped their businesses create a successful Shopify store that provided a positive customer experience and operated efficiently.

This would be achieved by:

  • Custom frontend theme as UI design: Developing a custom frontend theme that aligns with the client’s desired UI design. The theme would be fully responsive and optimized for performance, providing a unique brand experience for customers.

  • Setting up and configuring the Shopify store: This included adding products and collections, setting up shipping and payment methods, configuring taxes and duties, and integrating with any other necessary third-party services. The store would also be secured and PCI compliant.

  • Send updates on orders or new collections to the sign-up mail: Implementing an effective email notification system to keep customers informed about their orders and new collections. The system would be tailored to the client’s specific needs and use custom email templates that match the branding of the store.


Our contributions were centered on cultivating a cohesive and immersive shopping experience for users, facilitated by a seamless and user-friendly interface powered by the integration of cutting-edge technologies. This approach aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, elevate engagement levels, and ultimately foster an environment conducive to sustainable growth and success.

What could we do to make the shopping experience more seamless and engaging for customers?

  • Shopify Liquid

  • Javascript, JS slider

  • Megamenu

  • Ajax quick view

  • Shopify liquid components

  • Ajax add to cart

  • Ajax Search and Autocomplete Search

  • Theme options


The primary objective of the project was to establish an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce platform forMICPETS, aiming to strengthen customer relationships, leverage customer insights, reinforce brand recognition, and optimize the potential for sales conversion.

To achieve these objectives, we provided solutions: 


  • Custom Liquid Theme: Our team meticulously crafted a bespoke liquid theme tailored to the project’s unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and engaging user interface. The theme was designed to reflect the brand’s identity while prioritizing user experience and navigational ease.

  • Implementation of Slick Slider JS: By integrating the dynamic capabilities of the Slick Slider JavaScript library, we enhanced the visual appeal and interactivity of the website. This feature facilitated smooth and engaging image transitions, offering an immersive browsing experience for users across various devices.

  • Custom Bootstrap CSS Integration: Utilizing custom Bootstrap CSS components, we optimized the website’s responsiveness and ensured consistent display quality on both desktop and mobile platforms. The customized Bootstrap elements enhanced the site’s visual appeal while maintaining a cohesive and user-friendly design framework.


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