PurAuto is an aftermarket performance parts and accessories distributor based in the United States.  Since being founded in 2020, they are a trusted name in the aftermarket automobile business. PurAuto serves the needs of automotive experts as well as beginners by offering a broad choice of performance components and accessories.

With over 400,000 distinct items in their inventory, the company faced numerous major difficulties inside their existing eCommerce infrastructure. Slow loading times, out-of-date design, and a laborious user experience were just a few of the issues that needed to be solved right once so as to compete in the online automobile industry.



PurAuto’s expectations: The need for change


PurAuto made the conscious choice to update its website in keeping with increased customer demands and industry developments. The goal was not simply to address current issues, but also to exceed customer expectations by creating a faster, more interesting, and user-friendly online purchasing experience.


According to their expectations, the key objectives of this project aimed at creating an essential makeover of the existing web store:

  • Migrate from Liquid to Hydrogen
  • Managing a large inventory of products
  • Enhance website speed
  • Remove any Shopify apps which are no longer required
  • Server-side rendering
  • Optimize search functionality
  • Simplified navigation



These are the primary technological components used in this PurAuto ecommerce store transformation:

  • Commerce platform: Shopify Plus
  • Framework: Remix (Hydrogen)
  • Languages & Libraries: JavaScript, TypeScript, React
  • Styling Library: Tailwind
  • Headless CMS: Sanity
  • Search Engine: Algolia
  • Deployment Platform: Oxygen 


To achieve these objectives, we provided solutions: 


#1. Block-base content management

We created the website as a series of blocks, each produced and arranged to represent a different component.

Once this base is in place, PurAuto Team may handle the whole web’s content without the need for ongoing design or development input.

This transition enables the PurAuto Team to provide quick updates and showcase new goods, deals, and information in a flexible manner.


#2. Enterprise-grade search and filter with Algolia

Algolia was incorporated into the website to guarantee that consumers could quickly and precisely discover the goods they sought.

This solution elevates the product search experience by allowing consumers to easily navigate the enormous inventory.


#3. Structured brand pages

We developed a structured brand that allows people to simply identify the brand they trust and explore things to purchase.

Users might locate items with greater simplicity and convenience if the brand-based product discovery process was simplified.


#4. Personalize vehicle selector

Customers can use this option to save their car details on the site. As a consequence, the platform would compile product recommendations depending on the car model in question.

This customized improves the user experience by assisting consumers in locating items suitable with their automobiles, hence increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.


#5.  Wishlist functionality

We have included a wishlist option that allows users to save their favorite things.
This tool increased user engagement and made it easier for customers to keep track of products they planned to buy in the future, improving the entire shopping experience.


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