TopDog Nutrition is an online supplement store based in New Zealand by a team of passionate fitness enthusiasts who want to provide their customers with affordable high-quality supplements. They offer various accessories for various purposes, including weight loss, muscle gain, and general health and wellness.

With online shopping rapidly booming and they could gain more customers from other countries, they decided to launch an online store based on Shopify platform.


This project aims to set up a custom Shopify theme with responsive design, social login, automated email notifications, product question and inquiry system, and user reviews and ratings. The goal is to create a user-friendly and engaging shopping experience that encourages repeat visits and purchases, which makes it effective in driving sales.


Here are specific requirements: 

  • Setup theme and Shopify app: Set up a unique theme and Shopify app to ensure seamless integration and compatibility.

  • Custom Shopify frontend theme: Develop a visually appealing, brand-aligned storefront with layout, typography, etc. to provide an optimal shopping experience.

  • Responsive design for frontend: Adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones to maximize accessibility and user engagement

  • Social login: Implement social login functionality to allow customers to easily sign in using their preferred social media accounts, enhancing user convenience and reducing friction during the login process.

  • Send updates on orders or new collections to the sign-up mail: Set up automated email notifications to inform customers about order updates, shipping status, and new product collections, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

  • Ask product questions: Integrate a product question and inquiry system, enabling customers to ask questions about products directly on the product pages to provide prompt responses.

  • User reviews and ratings: Leave comments and review section to build trust and credibility


The chosen tech stack for this project combined and deployed the power of tech like JavaScript language, HTML5 and CSS3, etc. to be suitable for the requirements of customers.

How do we contribute to creating a seamless and engaging shopping environment?


  • Shopify Liquid

  • JavaScript

  • Ajax Cart and Mini Cart

  • Ajax Search and Autocomplete Search

  • Compare Popup

  • HTML5 and CSS3

  • Theme Options


To respond to the requirements of the project, we offer setup and custom Liquid theme solutions with a powerful way to customize their storefronts without having to learn to code. With our solution, they can easily add new features to the storefronts such as: 

  • Custom product pages

  • Abandoned cart recovery

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Social media integration

They can also use liquid code to modify existing designs on their storefronts. For example, they can change the font, color scheme, or layout of their pages.


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