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How To Run An e-Commerce Business As A Non-Technical Founder

So you want to start an e-commerce business, but being a non-technical person you’re not exactly sure how to go about it? Well, then you’re in luck, today!  These days, it’s easier than ever to create and run an online … Read More

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the risk of B2B ecommerce marketplace

The Rise of B2B Ecommerce Marketplace

According to one study, 81% of B2B buyers in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and India “expect a consumer-grade digital experience” from B2B websites. Customers want an always-on, personalized omnichannel experience. And this is a huge challenge and opportunity for all … Read More

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List Of ECommerce Risks Maybe You Don’t Know | Ultimate Update

Nowadays, many eCommerce businesses are becoming more massive and popular, so don’t avoid eCommerce risks appearing regularly. Never ignore them because can be highly sophisticated and difficult if you don’t tackle them immediately, even more seriously.  Find out and pay … Read More

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Cost of Building a Shopify Website

Do you want to start an eCommerce business? There are numerous tasks that must be completed at the outset, including selecting a company name, developing a business plan, locating suppliers, and so on. One of the most important decisions to … Read More

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Saleor platform

Saleor Platform | Everything you need to know

More time and effort should be spent on selecting the effective platform for your eCommerce store. There are many options but technology is always changing. You need to give your store a platform that will last and be useful in … Read More

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what is saas

What Is Saas? Everything You Should Know

In recent years, SaaS has become more and more known and widely used. If you are new to SaaS but don’t know: What is Saas? How does SaaS work? Why does your Ecommerce Store need SaaS? … This article will … Read More

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BigCommerce Platform | All You Need To Know

Nowadays, the BigCommerce platform is the best for large, fast-moving inventories. There are many private businesses that believe in using BigCommerce to build and develop their business. This will be a potential and most useful platform for your business. 1. What … Read More

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Ecommerce Industry Trends Driving Online Retail Forward In The Future

Nowadays, the eCommerce industry is being targeted and developed by many businesses. More and more competition, and more and more market pressure that’s why it is necessary to change and update quickly. Our experts have researched and found eCommerce industry … Read More

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Everything You Need To Know About Shopify | 2024 Updated

Shopify platform is always a choice to consider worthy. One of the elements that contribute to user trust and reputation-building is its scalability. The eCommerce platform offers maximum satisfaction even for huge stores with an astounding number of add-ons and … Read More

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Magento Commerce Becomes Adobe Commerce | Start Now

Today’s article will talk about Magento commerce becomes Adobe commerce in order that you can better understand what it means. Now, let’s get started. The announcement that software juggernaut Adobe would purchase Magento Commerce in May 2018 arrived almost three … Read More

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Top 5 eCommerce Technology Trends That need to follow

Top 5+ eCommerce Technology Trends To Follow in 2022

E-commerce is a constantly evolving market; a slew of new eCommerce Technology trends emerge each year that may help your company develop and compete – and 2022 will be no exception. As the pandemic subsides, we may see eCommerce penetration … Read More

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ecommerce write for us

Write For Us

Thank you for visiting our blog. In addition to the goal of accompanying businesses large and small around the world, bringing you the best e-commerce solutions. Bavaan Team also aims to build and develop an open environment. There, everyone can … Read More

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